. Virtual .!. Reality .
. Virtual .^. Reality .
The Techinique's Discused Here Are The Most Basic,
And Simplest, But It's A Starting Point.
Practice = Perfect. ( Well ... Better Anyway ).
The Basic's Can Also Easily Be Applied With
Real Brush Or Pencil, You Just Need To
Ignore The Cropping And Layer Bit's.
A Pencil Or Pen To Start You Of
(Mistake's Can Be Erased),
Then Some Brushes And Paint ..
For Opacity You Would Just Water,
( Thinner's etc. If Using Oil's Or Acrylic's )
Down The Paint. If You Make A Mistake Here Though
You Just Have To Paint Over It,
No Undo In Reality.
The Smudge Tool Look's Like A Finger For A Reason .. :)
- Just Give It A Try -

______. And Have 'FuN' _ . Ady