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Site Design
The 'Šreams Chronicle  July 2011          Issue #0001
Hello ... Welcome To analogŠreams. I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay Here.

Just A Few Little Guide Point's To Help You With This Site.
Basically ... Click Everything :)

If You Let Your Mouse Pointer Hover Over 'Red' Text, Little Pop-Up
Snippet's Will Usually Appear. Some Will Be Helpful, Some Will Not :)
Sometimes The Mouse Cursor Will Change, A Help Cursor Giving Information,
A Crosshair Cursor Link's Or Editorial.

The 'Galleries' Can Always Be Accessed From The Top Bar.

Scattered Around The Site Are Various Secret's. To Find These , Well .. You'll Have To Look.
Sometime's There'll Be Clue's, Mouse Pointer Changing, Text Changing ... Something Not Quite Right.
You Could Come Across A Secret By An Obvious Mean's, Or A Single Unhighlighted Letter.
Some Are Better Hidden Than Other's. There's Quite A Few, And Lot's More To Be Added :)
Some Secret's Can Be Found Within Secret's ...!
So .. If It Move's ... Click It. ... If It Doesn't Move ... Click That Too .... :)

If You Have Any Suggestion's Or Comment's For The Site Then Please Feel Free To Contact Me ..
What You Looking For ?admin@analogŠreams.co.uk

Nosey Aren't You?Above All ... Have Fun, And Come Back Often ...     ... .