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The 'Šreams Chronicle  July 2011          Issue #0001

'BB' Babe Goes Topless
Consistent 'Dreams favourite, 'Jenny' ... best known for her
appearance in 'analogDreams' digital pic - 'Burning Bridge's',
has made a LOT of fan's very happy, by finally going topless!
The 22 year old from S.Wales has been modestly hiding her
asset's behind a bikini top for some time now. When asked
about her decision to finally reveal all, the pretty brunette said
"After years of loyal support the time had come to show my
appreciation to the fan's". And appreciate it they did. One
such fan, Steve a plasterer from Penarth, said "It's about time,
that top hardly covered anything anyway". His smile said it all.                                       photo © analogŠreams .