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Site Design
The 'Šreams Chronicle  July 2011          Issue #0001
'analogŠreams' In Complete Re-Vamp Shocker!   .. continued from Page 1 .
the visitor a wealth of delectable goodie's.
Unlike many site's on the Internet today, ALL download's are completely free and fully functioning.
While they may not increase your work rate or productivity, they do add a small sense of frivolity
to an otherwise mundane desktop. Being small and quick download's, there's no reason not to
sample the simple delight's these programmes can offer.
This along with some colourful, yet amazingly small (byte-wise) animated gif's, make's the 'Lost
' a memorable excursion into the many wonder's offered by 'analogŠreams'.
The success of the earlier 'Dreams site's has encouraged Wizpot to go even further this time.
With every page offering something new and intriguing for the visitor. With many an enjoyable
hour being spent, the site reveal's it's many reward's in the form of hidden secret's!
Tucked away within many of the site's page's can be found secret area's. Most take the form
of some rather silly, yet endearingly amusing surprises. While not always being easy to find,
they are certainly worth looking for. Get clicking, on everything ...
I've not really mentioned the artwork, the reason most visit this site. There's a reason for this -
They speak quite well for themselves. With new work's like 'Nurtured' paving the way for future
expectation's, the future for 'analogŠreams' must surely be a bright one.
Enjoy your visit, return often, spread the word.                                                       .End      Page 3