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Site Design
The 'Ğreams Chronicle  July 2011          Issue #0001
.. How Do I Approach The Design And Layout Of This Site ?

We've All Seen Site's, Like The 'Yahoo' Homepage, That's Made Up Of Multiple Frame's And Table's,
And Table's Within Table's, With As Much Information As Is Possible Crammed Onto A Page.
Well They Work Fine For What They're Intended For, And With The Amount Of Varied Info And Rapid
Change's That Occur Within Them, Exceptionally So ... And I've Worked With Similar Site's Myself ...

      This Site Was Never Intended To Be That Way.

While There's A Considerable Amount Of Content Here (
And Growing ), I Wanted A Different Approach.
I Decided Not To Bombard You With Infinite Choice From The Start, But Allow You To Gradually
Explore The Site And Discover Thing's As You Go Along.
I Believe This Will Create A More Relaxing And Entertaining Experience.
While The Site Is Structured And Retain's A Sense Of Continuity, I've Tried To Leave Enough Scope For
Variation. While Most Of This Is Graphical It Should Not Become Too Removed From It's Overall Design
Or Confuse You And Leave You Feeling Lost. You Should Be Able To Navigate Quite Easily And Return To
Any Given Section At Will. With This In Mind Most Page's Will Afford You The Opportunity To Jump To A
Given Reference Within The Site, So If One Page Mention's Another It Will Usually Link You To That Page.

Most Of The Main Side Menu's Will Open Up To Their Constituent Sub-Menu's And Will Remain ONLY While
You Are In That Section. This Way You Will Not Be Left With A Cluttered And Confusing Screen.
Choosing A Different Menu Will Often Close The Existing One And Open Any New One's.
You Should Never Be Any More Than Two Click's Away From Any Of The Main Sub Menu's.

The Actual Concept Was Conceived (
To Most Coder's At Least ) Backward's.
By That I Mean I Envisioned And Developed Much Of The Graphical Interface First,
Then Had The Headache Of Getting It All To Work Together.
What Look's Good In An Art Package Doesn't Necessarily Translate Well To A Web Page,
Though It's All Pretty Much As I Planned It. (
Phew .. )

I Pictured The Menu's, And Sub-Menu's, As Magazine Like, Where The More Page's You Turn
The More You Reveal, With The Layout Allowing You To Browse In Any Order You Like.

      There's No Set Direction Or Rule's .. Just Enjoy ...