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  • ..... Desktop Pal's

    All Pal's Come As A Self-Extracting Install Package.
    Just Simply Run Your Downloaded Program And It Will Unpack Itself Into The 'analogDreams' Directory On Your C: Drive And Create A Program Group In Your Start Menu. They Will NOT Create Or Adjust Any Other Directories\File's
    Or Adjust Your Registry. To Uninstall Simply Delete The Directory And Shortcut's In Your Start Menu.

    These Are Little Character's\Anim's That Sit On Your Desktop To Keep You Company\Amused.

     'Dreams Bot Pal

     Click The Button Pal

     Click TV Pal

     AI Dancer Pal

     China Pal

     Curls Pal

    'Dreams Bot
    Levitating 'Dreams Bot.

    File Size : 103k
    Click To Download.

    Click The Button
    Have Click Wave From The Corner.

    File Size : 91k
    Click To Download.

    Click TV
    Have Click Sit Over Your Clock, Watching TV!

    File Size : 93k
    Click To Download.

    AI Dancer
    Animated Dancing Robot.

    File Size : 103k
    Click To Download.

    Pretty China Girl.

    File Size : 112k
    Click To Download.

    Have The Lovely Curls Watch You Work.

    File Size : 114k
    Click To Download.

    Images Shown Are MUCH Smaller Than The Actual Program's.

    More Desktop Pal's