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  • Here Are Some Backdrop's You Can Use With Your Dragon's, Or Any Thing Really.
    They Are All 800*600 Pixel's And Can Easily Be Resized,
    Some Detail Loss May Occur If You Resize Them Too Large Though, But Not Much)

    All Image's Are In .jpg Format And Are Under 100k.... Just Click The Pix ...

     The Tutorial Pic  Blue Version  Extreme The Backdrop That Was Used
    For The Tutorial Section.
    Basic Mountain Scene With Blood Red Skies,

    Perfect Place To Find Dragon's.

    A Dramatic Blue Variation
    On The Tutorial Backdrop With
    An Ice/Water Base,

    A Sense Of Imminent Danger.

    Extreme Blue Variation
    Ideal To Use For Larger Dragon's,
    Allowing Detail To Really Show.

    Dramatically Bring Him Out.
     The Dragon's Lair  Onset  Gathering From Where They Come ? ...
    To Where They Go? ...
    Only The Brave Dare Go
    In Search Of ...

    The Dragon's Lair

    A Mountain Side Hamlet Scene.
    The Sort Of Place Beset By Dragon's ...
    Dark Foreboding Skies ...
    A Sign That's It's Due ...

    The Onset

    As 'Scene' From Above.
    A Landscape Scene, Originally From
    The Gathering Place'.
    A Good - From Above - Backdrop.

    Terror From The Skies