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@ I Use Various Programs To Create (mess up!) My Pix.
First And Fore Most Of These Is The Ever Present 'PhotoShop' v5
EVERYTHING Goes Through PhotoShop, Even Basic Landscape's.
I Can Never Just Leave Thing's Alone. If You Look VERY Closely At
The Pix You Should Find Little Extra's, A Face In The Cloud's,
Someone/thing Peeking Out Of Somewhere :) Or Almost Imperceptible
Continuity Fault's (you need To look).

The Other Main Proggie Is 'Bryce', I'm Now Up To v4, Though There's
Not Much New I Use From v2!.
Again .. I Can Never Leave Them Alone. I Tend To Hand Paint Over Them
Anyway And Alter Thing's. This Is Why You Can't Always Find That
Texture Or Sky :)

Poser; Handy Prog That. I'm Still Using v1 (given away free on a mag).
This Version's Fine For Me As I Tend To Export The .DXf Into Bryce,
Then Completely Re-Paint Them In PhotoShop. The Model's Are Usually
Flat Rendered For This Purpose. All Feature's, Hair, Clothing And
Adornment's Are Then Painted In. I Like To Think Of Them As Simple
Flat Model's Or Photograph's Used Mainly For Form And Perspective.

I Pretty Much Try Everything, Got An Hard Drive Full Of Useful
And Useless Graphic Prog's. Fractal-Wise Most Stuff Was Calculated
On An Old 3.1 Ver Of Winfract, Though I Have Used Various Prog's From
Time To Time. As I Tend To Change The Colour Scheme And Generally
Paint Over Anyway, Basic Out-Put Is Fine.

The Actual Site Development ...
EditPad (v3.5.0).
It's A Free Text Editor With Tab Window's. ie.. Instead Of Opening
Multiple Editor Program Windows, Individual Document's Are Tabbed
Along The Top Of The Main Window,
Make's Multiple Editing Much Easier.
VERY HIGHLY Recommended Prog.
Before I Found This Everything Was Coded In 'Notepad'.
I Never Got On With These 'Site Creation' Prog's,
Go-Live, Dreamweaver etc..
In Fact Much Of My Design And Layout Won't Work Through Them,
They Keep Coming Up With Error's And Correction's (sic)
That Alter The Way It's All SUPPOSED To Work.
So It's All Done (Painstakingly :) ) By Hand.
And Work's (Mostly) Exactly The Way I Want It To ...

Have Fun Folks. Any Questions ..? .. Mail Me. ............

© analogDreams 2011