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Musing's & Waffle. 26|07|11
Pretty Much All Of The Gallery Pic's Were Done Some Year's Ago Now,
Time & Real Life Have Sort Of Got In The Way Of More.

Most Pic's Were Done Between Job's When Coding Or Commercial Work Started To Get To Me.
Some Were Done Just To Test Various Aspect's And I Carried On To Some Sort Of Finished Product From There.
Very Rarely Were Any Of These Pic's Started Deliberatly Or With The End Intention!
Maybe I Just Needed To See How A Certain Shape, Colour Or Design Would Look For Something Else And I Got Carried Away, Or Continued Inbetween Break's From Other Thing's.
It May Have Been I Came Across A New Programme And Was Simply Trying That Out.

Being A Few Year's Old Most Of The Pic's Don't Go Much Above A Resolution Of 800*600.
I'm Kinda Reluctant To Re-size Them For Modern Monitor's As They Have Become A Little Bit Of Remembered History For Me Now And To Do So Would Change Their Original Form.
That's Not To Say I Wouldn't If There Was A Need Or Request, I Could Still Keep The Original.

The Time Taken To Do The Pic's Vary Greatly.
They Could Take A Few Hour's Or A Few Day's ..!
Likewise The Amount Of Effort I've Put Into Them.
While I Am Quite Pleased With Some Of Them, And Have My Own Personal Favourite's,
There Are A Few I'm Not So Fond Of.
I've Placed Them All Here As There Is A History Of Sort's Behind Each Of Them,
Even The One's I'm None Too Pleased With.

I've Managed To Keep Most Of The Pic's Constituent Part's, Layer's etc.,
As There Are Certain Aspect's That I Feel Are Quite Reusable.
Truth Is, I Enjoy Doing These And Will Probably Continue To Do So ... ..Eventually :)

© analogDreams 2011